Thursday, August 28


The Guardian has a regular series of entertaining/nitpicking criticism of Hollywood history films - or rather, points out how Hollywood doesn't really make the effort. Sometimes they've changed things because they think it'll make a better story - or at least a simpler one for their audience - other times... well, it's hard to know what they were thinking. Take one problem with Troy, listed in the latest article - the makers had banged on about their authenticity, but as the article says

it's hard to see why you'd go to the trouble if you're just going to fill the marketplace with llamas.

I imagine a historian has much the same problem with "historical" films as I have with "science" fiction films as a scientist - they use real thing utterly incorrectly just because they can't be bothered.

Tuesday, August 26

The Real McHoy

Every time I see a news article about this man, I just like him more. If he's not offered a knighthood, they'll be trouble...

His point on sports is particularly important - if Scotland wants to be independent, it has to be ready to be independent, which means funding everything.

Although having said that - if Hong Kong still gets its own Olympic Team, do you still have to be an independent country to have your own NOC?

Tuesday, August 19


Well, I was always told it was bad manners to gloat. But then this is sport, and they are the Aussies, so I have to say - how's your big words now?

It appears that when the the British track cyclists, they win.

Great Britain - 7 golds, 3 silvers (all in GB 1-2s) and one bronze.
Australia - 1 silver.

Brett Lancaster, Crocodile Dundee, Dame Edna Everage, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, Kevin Rudd - can you hear me Kevin Rudd? Your boys took one *hell* of a beating!

Never mind, you still have cricket, rugby league, and women's swimming as long as it is a less efficient stroke...

Sunday, August 10

The Welsh Wonder

I have to say, I'm absolutely delighted at Nicole Cooke winning the gold medal in the women's road race. A bit annoyed I missed the finish - I'd been rowing and got home just in time to turn the TV on to be greeted by the UK national anthem. And although cold, wet and hilly conditions are probably what a Welsh cyclist does best in, there's no denying it was a well deserved win - and the first Welsh gold medallist since 1972.

Tuesday, August 5

Surprising news from down under

Far from the stereotype of the lager swilling Aussie who keeps reminding the English that the Aussies are better at sport because their cricket team won one of the two most recent Ashes series*, the Australians do actually have taste. In coffee, at least.

*They're also better at Rugby League, Rugby Union when it isn't a World Cup year (i.e the year that matters), swimming, and.. er... probably some other Olympic events you can pick up medals in that Britain hasn't also targeted.

Sunday, August 3

Vaughan calls it time

Having lost his form, and lost to South Africa, Michael Vaughan has seen what he needs to do - not just be "rested" for a match, but stand down as captain.

Here's hoping after a break he makes a speedy recovery to form - England needs an elder statesman with the ability to bat as well as Vaughan has in previous years.

Friday, August 1

Smart pick, or lucky guess?

Whether it's because they do actually know something, or because even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day, the England cricket team selectors have actually managed to somehow recall someone and appear to have got away with it.

Collingwood, despite looking awful in the first innings, has got a 50 in the second. God knows how he's suddenly remembered how to bat, but it's exactly what England needed to prolong the agony have any chance, albeit very, very small, of levelling the series.

EDIT - Blimey, he's gone on to get a century. With a six. Who'd have thought he only needed to be dropped for one match to get his form back? Wonder who they should try that with next...