Sunday, January 4

Mandriva 2009

It's probably not a particularly smart thing to do when I've got a stinking cold, but despite needing to go for a lie down every hour to recover my strength, I thought I'd upgrade my linux distro (I've been using Mandriva for ages, I'm sort of used to it). Upgrading, I thought, would be easy, just a matter of time.

Well, I'd plenty of that. It took a few hours on my broadband, but I just went to bed for the duration. Come back to the computer, it had done, wants a reboot. Great, I reboot (and go to lie down again while it does it). I then come back - and there's no X window. Well, I know what to try - having had another lie down, tea, then a lie down to recover from making tea, I go into XFdrake. Initial tries and changing some options were no good, but when I changed from the generic driver to the NVidia FX driver, it downloaded the driver, added some patches and worked.

So, OK for someone who knows linux (took me about 12 hours to upgrade and get it working, but I was huddled up in bed for about 11 1/2 of them), but that's not really going to attract the Windows crowd to convert...