Sunday, November 4

Cheney gets it wrong again

Not content with getting Iran and Iraq mixed up (or, at least, they've now decided that Iran is also a dangerous nation backing regional terrorism that is developing weapons of mass destruction), it now appears that the citizens of Lima may need to be slightly concerned at the lack of geographical and/or political knowledge of certain US politicians.

Peru is here:

It is not here

Dick Cheney, take note - the second one is Venezuela.

I have to say, though - how do you manage to get the two confused? It's not like they are very similar names, or particularly nearby, or have very similar leaders (for Cheney's information, Alan García is the current president of Peru, and Hugo Chavez is the president of Venezuela - you know, the one who keeps being rude about you - and Chavez supported García's rival at the last election).

Oh well, could have been worse. There are probably a few Americans out there who still think if you say South America you're talking about Mississippi...

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