Tuesday, June 17

MCC says excitement is OK

English cricket, despite being the inventors of Twenty20 cricket, has a reputation for being old fashioned, conservative and backward thinking. As the conservators of the laws of cricket, they certainly should maintain the historical strengths of cricket that has made it a successful sport in parts of the world. But it's also good to see that they are looking to how they can expand these strengths to broaden the interest in cricket around the world.

Take Kevin Pietersen's switch-hitting - changing from a right hand stance to left to face the bowler, and hitting him for two sixes by doing so. Some would complain that this is unfair - against the spirit of the game. After all, the bowler has to inform the umpire how he will be bowling, and can't suddenly change hands halfway through his run-up.

The MCC, however, have ruled sensibly. It's a tricky but exciting tactic, and within the rules of the game.

I'm aiming to go to a Twenty20 match next week, and I'd be interested to see if anyone gives this tactic a go. I'm sure they'll be plenty of batsmen practising it in the nets this week.

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