Saturday, July 11

Amarok 2.0. Not good.

Have finally got fed up of my home computer bugging me to upgrade its distribution (still on Mandriva), so I let it chug away overnight. It's now running KDE4 as the desktop - just. I may give up and go onto the low-end / laptop interface instead, as my computer is now seriously ancient.

But my major disappointment is that it "upgraded" the Amarok installation to 2.0. I mean, why? Seriously, why? Amarok 2 isn't finished yet. It isn't even remotely finished. It looks really ugly to me and ill thought out. I mean, what's the most important part of the music player to most people? The tracklist, of course. iTunes know this. Just about every music manager knows this. Amarok2, though - stick it on a third of the screen. If there is a way to give it its old, desired prominence, I haven't found it yet (which is their fail, even if a way does exist, as it should be obvious).

And it's mucked up all my scores. No, not the stars, the scores. It's gone back to its default "up the score everytime you play". Great, so all tracks rapidly end up rated 100, unless I stop playing them before the end. Not the way I want to work it, thank you very much. But can I see how to put in my own scoring script, as I'd done with the old one? No.

I want a music manager that allows me to produce scores to tracks the way I want them, and realised that it's the track info I want to see on the screen. Not lyrics, a big image of the cover of the current track playing, etc. etc. Will have to start looking for the beast. Must be out there somewhere...

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