Thursday, March 15

Lovelock at it again

For every person out there trying to claim that global warming isn't happening at all, or that it has nothing to do with humans, there is at least one out there claiming it will be the worst thing ever. James Lovelock probably cancels out a few PhDs of the former opinion on his own - he apparently believes that the continental US, mainland Europe and China will all become utterly uninhabitable and we'll all end up in the arctic.

As with many of the critics - I really need to see an accurate model that could explain the phenomena he's predicting. And why would the plains of Germany being eight degrees hotter turn them uninhabitable? Tunis is more than eight degrees hotter than Berlin for the vast majority of the year, it doesn't stop the population of the greater Tunis area topping two million. Is there a reason why increased evaporation from the soil won't be compensated at least partially by increased rainfall due to increased evaporation from the sea?

I may not normally agree with Bjørn Lomborg's views on climate, but the quote attributed to him in the NY Times recently is something I can agree on:
Climate change is a real and serious problem that calls for careful analysis and sound policy. The cacophony of screaming does not help.

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