Friday, March 2

Newspaper reports on newspaper report on penguin on dope

The Guardian, using that standard tactic of the broadsheet press - waiting until the guttersnipes report it, then reporting that they've reported it - get to gossip about how celebrity druggie Pete Doherty (who was once in a band, briefly) decided to get some penguins stoned with cannabis.

Now, penguins are, it has to be said, inherently amusing. Many people, it appears, find the idea of stoned penguins amusing. I am not sure exactly how one would tell a penguin is stoned, given that they tend to waddle and fall over anyway. I suspect penguins can get stoned, since cannabis has very deleterious effects on a spider's ability to make webs - Spiders on marijuana made a reasonable stab at spinning webs but appeared to lose concentration about half-way through. Which isn't really a surprise.

So a penguin on dope is probably one that waddles about, forgets what it was doing, and then feels hungry and goes off looking for fish (which is what it was doing anyway).

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