Monday, July 2

Damon Days

The increasing rise of Damon Albarn, who appears to have gone from being an annoying mockney brit-popper to a national treasure in the general view of the media seems to be continuing. Not content with arranging the Africa Express stage at Glastonbury (reviews of which changed me from chortling in schadenfreude* at the festival goers struggling through the mud to seething in jealousy** at those who got to go rather than me, purely because they actually bothered to buy tickets when they were on sale), he's now managed to get some reviewers in raptures over the opera Monkey: Journey to the West to which he has written the soundtrack.

Not all plain sailing though - another Grauniad reviewer wasn't so impressed. Guess which reviewer has a pop background and which one is the classical music buff? Still, Albarn's only 39 - there's still time to win over the rest of the world...

*A bad trait of mine.
**Another bad trait of mine.

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