Monday, July 2

More on the flop of Fopp

Having now heard more on the Fopp story from a man at work who was there at the start (shopped in the Glasgow store that started it all before it became Fopp) and was there at the end (in his local branch at 4pm when the asked everyone to leave), and it appears that it wasn't so much a case of Amazon and iTunes taking them down but their overzealous expansion that accrued far too much in the way of debts.

This does perhaps mean that there is some scope for someone to fill the void left by Fopp. I hope this isn't going to be more mainstream stores that have been whinging about their recent reduction in sales, the reason Fopp is missed is that they had a wider range of music.

My local independent music store are apparently quite overcome with schadenfreude at the demise of their larger rivals. I'm not sure they should be, though. It may mean a short term increase in sales, but in the longer term there is the danger that the kids could start viewing music as being something you only get over the internet, rather than something you browse through a shop for. Particularly one that looks like the traditional old music store that makes you slightly concerned that some member of staff may berate you for your poor taste in music.

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