Monday, September 24

Disestablish the Church of England!

Although many schools are not classified as being of religious character, if they do not carry out the daily act of worship they lose points during inspections by Ofsted.

Observer article from 23rd September

Down with this sort of thing!

Really, they're entitled to their churches and all that, but why should they make it a requirement that they get to try brainwashing children with mythical beings?

As for this quote
'Either overtly or by default, this country is still a Christian one.'

It's not just because you say it is while wearing some daft collar around your neck.

If these bishops should have an automatic place in the House of Lords, then at the very least so should the Royal Society, UK Universities, etc. etc. Which is complex - where would it end? So the real solution is this - complete the disestablishment of the Church of England in England.

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