Tuesday, September 11

Not a world cup

Hooray, the Twenty20 Not-a-World Cup has started. A last chance to pick up a trophy before Flintoff's ankle explodes altogether.

As any true Englishman should do, I will accept it is Not-a-World Cup fully once we make a hash of it, but if we go on and win the thing, or indeed make the finals against anyone other than Australia, I will insist it really is a World Cup as nobody who would be capable of winning it is absent (Scotland and Kenya are also in as they were the best two teams in the ICC World Cricket League Division One last year. Ireland aren't in as they weren't).

Unlike the bloated This-is-a-world-cup of a few months ago, this will also be over in a fortnight, which is the right length for a world cup. Even if it isn't one.

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