Tuesday, February 26

There's that number again...

Quite often in the history of physics, and science in general, a scientist has pointed out some strange coincidence and noted that this may indicate something. Sometimes other scientists later come up with an idea of how this could be the case, and a way to measure it, and thus we get another peek into how the universe works.

Reading in Nature News, astronomers have noted that the very large number 10^122 appears to show up rather more often than you'd expect. The author of the recent papers, Scott Funkhouser, suggests that an equation that explains this number's presence comes out if you have a universe of ten dimensions, seven of which have shrunk away leaving the other three observable.

Apparently, this isn't numerology, as there are only a limited number of ways you can put together the basic parameters of the universe and get just numbers. Interesting to see if this cosmic coincidence number can lead us to new insights.

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