Friday, February 29


Netscape Navigator is, it seems, about to bite the dust.

The venerable old browser (in internet terms, anyway) will no longer be supported by its now parent company, AOL, as of tomorrow. They have recommended Firefox or Flock instead.

(nostalgic music) Oh, I remember the first graphical browsers. Mosaic came out while I was a masters student at Warwick, with Netscape Navigator following shortly on - fortunately, Warwick's all night computer room had both unix and PC rooms - I didn't like the way the PC monitors rapidly became adjusted to hide what you had on the screen, so I made sure that I used a well visible computer at all times - at least it meant I didn't have an urge to wash my hands when using the keyboard if I wanted to browse this new web thingy for an hour or two (poor student, no TV, couldn't afford to start drinking at 5...)

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