Tuesday, March 4

Symonds breaks the rules. Good on him.

Normally, I'm very sniffy about the Australian's aggressive on-field demeanour - I don't like their style of sledging, which all too often seems to be more abusive than wind up, and some of their appealing is almost like, well, the sort of thing you'd think footballers would do. I shudder at the horror of it.

So, anyway, Andrew Symonds, in the latest ODI against India (which India won) has disobeyed the players' code of conduct, which forbids physical assault of a rival player, official or spectator. On the face of it, this sounds like a really bad thing to do the suspension for an infringement can range from ten ODIs to a life ban.

Except it should be noted that the spectator was an Australian man in a state of undress. Yes, they clearly do still have streakers down under (the 1970s are over, people!). Symonds floored the fool with a shoulder barge. To which I say, good on him, and hope he isn't charged.

UPDATE 5th March: It appears the ICC and Queensland police view Symonds as being perfectly within his rights. The streaker was fined A$1500.

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