Thursday, March 20

Surf your music

OK, I'm probably about four weeks behind the curve on this, but when I popped up to visit my brother a couple of weeks ago he showed me this new little game that cost all of ten dollars (under a fiver in real British money) - Audiosurf.

So. Thanks bro, I'm now addicted to a computer game for the first time in years. The dangerous thing is it panders to my past devotion to short action computer games (as I wasted many an hour on the Commodore 64 in my youth) and music (as I spend many an hour listening to now). So I've been experimenting finding tracks that are interesting - and that give me a chance of being in the top ten in the UK at least. My favourite so far:

Nantes by Beirut - the Balkan influenced instruments and backing give the track a tricky bouncing feel which makes a fairly folkish style tune into a surprisingly fast round. And of course, it's a damn good track.

Ani Kuni by Madeleine Chartrand - really obscure 1970s French-Canadian version of a traditional (Huron?) song - so obscure I'm the only one to have played it in the game at the moment, so I'm the world champion at it - but the combination of native american influenced drumming and chanting with western European psychedelia makes quite a track. When the guitar kicks in half way, everything speeds up insanely...

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