Wednesday, June 6

Fredalo fury, part 96

Ho hum, another media scrum. Michael Vaughan has dared dared criticise Andrew Flintoff! How dare he! The bloggers and commentators on sites such as the BBC are up in arms about this.

This is partly because they're idiots, of course (and yes, I know I'm also an idiot). Some of them are up in arms because they read the headlines, and believe that is what Vaughan said - but saying the Fredalo incident 'changed the whole atmosphere in the camp' is not the same as saying 'Flintoff lost us the World Cup'. Others are up in arms because he's dared say something remotely rude about their hero, while Vaughan didn't bat that well in the World Cup either (I don't know if they ignore the fact that Freddie scored fewer runs at a *slower* rate than Vaughan).

The press have also largely ignored the other person that Vaughan blames for the team being too tense - the captain himself. That's not as interesting, clearly.

As for Flintoff - his batting has really declined, he's only justifying his position in the team at the moment as a bowler - and it has been suggested his size will limit his bowling career. If he is to picked and not expected to bowl full time, he has to be able to bat better than he has been doing. He's not going to be picked to captain again any time soon, that's for sure.

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