Thursday, June 7

Fredalo fury, part 97

And on it rumbles.

The media, never happy with being proven wrong, or someone complaining about being misquoted, is now fighting back.

Define misquoted, exactly? Is being misquoted them saying you said specific words that you didn't, or is being misquoted taking your comments out of context and emphasising them to give them a meaning other than that you intended?

If it is the latter, then Vaughan was definitely, clearly and utterly misquoted, and it was the Guardian that started it - you only have to look at the sub-editor's summary compared to what Michael Vaughan said. But a captain admitting he didn't play too well at the World Cup is less of a story than a captain having a go at a star player (not the star player - KP is that at the mo, low score against the Windies today notwithstanding).

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