Monday, June 4

Getting the blues

The Grauniad has an article about how Levis fell from grace. . It basically portrays Levi's as the rock-and-roll, cowboy history, baggy brand losing out to the hip-hop showing off their arse brands.

Which explains why I can't buy jeans to fit - they used to be designed to be comfortable to the hard working man. Now they're designed to be stylish on the fashion obsessed stick-insect, who spends all their time dieting because they don't do any exercise.

Since I'm not a non-eating stick insect, they don't fit me. I'm currently wearing a baggy-style of the supposedly baggy Levis (on the grounds that they're the only brand I've found in ages that actually fit me). Exactly the right waist size, but they're damn tight around the thighs if you have any leg muscles. Anyone know of any brands that actually sell to early 30s men? Or is there no choice between pretending you're a teenager and going to Marks and Spencers?

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