Tuesday, February 20

Glad I'm not an Aussie

It might have seemed the height of improbability that I'd be saying this in January when England were crashing to a 5-0 Ashes humiliation, but right now I'm actually starting to feel just a little bit sorry for Australian cricket fans. The problem they have coming up to the World Cup is that anything other than victory is a failure (while with England, only getting to the semis would be viewed as more of an improvement but a missed opportunity rather than outright calamity, not that I don't think they *can* win, given that they have Pietersen, Collingwood and Flintoff). But right now, Australia have to reverse their form distinctly if they're even going to get to the last four - five losses in a row, six out of seven, and yet another injury.

Injury-ridden, can't stop losing one-dayers, media calling for changes...

Wonder if any Aussie fans are regretting putting the verbal boot in to the English fans a couple of months ago?

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