Wednesday, February 14

Tim Sparke is an idiot. And that's a scientist's opinion.

Tim Sparke is executive producer of Loose Change Final Cut. And he's a complete and utter idiot. As his response to Moonbat's review of his inane documentary shows.


Momentum is conserved, yes. But the theory states the tendency of an object to continue to move in its direction of travel, unless acted on by a net external force

Gravity is a force.

I really can't be bothered with the rest of it, I'm just depressed these idiots are allowed a say when their arguments are so utterly, patently pathetic.

You're entitled to your opinion. You are not entitled to your own laws of physics. And if he can't even get that right, why bother with the rest of it?

Shame on you, Guardian. Shame. You've probably given poor Dr Goldacre a fit when he's seen this rot.

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