Wednesday, April 25

And so to Trent Bridge

Down to Trent Bridge last Sunday for Nottinghamshire's one day match against Yorkshire. I'm starting to suspect Notts should pay me not to go to the matches (or their opponents should offer me free tickets) as everytime I go, Notts lose. Younus Khan came back to Trent Bridge to do some haunting - 100 exactly, out off the last ball.

Notts didn't look like doing much in response, with Gough and particularly Gillespie shackling them - two early wickets down made things look bad, and although David Hussey briefly cheered up the crowd with some quick hitting, he went too soon as well. Read's 68 was more an act of defiance and a message to the England selectors than a chance to win the match.

And it wasn't sunny. Yes, I know it's still April, but the forecasters had been saying sun until the day before. On the plus side, a reasonably good attendance for a county game I thought (well, the ground looked to have more people in than a number of the World Cup matches did), plenty of youngsters in too.

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