Tuesday, April 17

England's feeble crumbling

England's never-firing World Cup campaign has effectively ended with a noise so pathetic it doesn't even deserve to be called a whimper.

Oh dear. Oh very, very dear.

There will definitely be at least one victim of a purge after this, and I'd suspect it'll go further than the chairman of the selectors. The whole winter has been pretty dismal, and what has now been shown to be a few fluke matches when the Aussies relaxed their guard isn't going to change things. OK, I thought fifth would be a reasonable position coming in to the World Cup, but I thought fifth with matches like the one against Sri Lanka. A new coach looks increasingly likely.

Ireland will be wondering how they managed to lose to this shower. On the plus side, this should reduce the chances even further of any of their team thinking of following Ed Joyce's footsteps...

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