Friday, April 6

Sartorial wittering

Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day, as the narrator said in Withnail and I, so it shouldn't be a complete surprise to discover there is one respect in which the theologically-hampered Iran, saddled with grandstanding leaders who manage to make Tony Blair look sane, have landed on a sartorial trend which I would personally agree with, albeit for completely different reasons.

They don't wear ties.

The reasonings are, as I say, very different. Apparently, they don't wear ties because they contribute to the spreading of western culture (not sure why the rest of the suit doesn't do this). I don't wear ties because they are the part of a suit that has no practical purpose whatsoever.

They exist only for the cultural reason that we have decided that having a pointless bit of cloth dangling from your neck makes you look smart, rather than slightly bonkers.

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