Thursday, April 12

Simple guide to climate change

The Royal Society is the latest to make an attempt to at least persuade the climate change delusionists* to ask some new questions rather than continue to hurl the same repeatedly answered questions again and again.

Nothing new here, these have all been answered in the past repeatedly, but since they are still being asked, they need another airing.

*I'd consider a sceptic to be someone who asks questions that haven't been answered, and questions whether the extent of climate change is going to be significant enough to warrant certain actions. A sceptic could even go so far to say that there is still a possibility, albeit slim, that due to the various unknown factors, anthropogenic warming isn't going to be significant. However, given the current level of understanding and widespread opinion among scientists who have looked at the issue, insisting that anthropogenic climate change just isn't happening is delusional.

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