Thursday, May 31

Bad news if your facing Baildon on Saturday

Hoggard aims to be fit and ready for the Third Test, and is playing a club match to prove it. As Yorkshire only have a one-dayer on Sunday this week, Hoggy is turning out for Baildon on Saturday to demonstrate that he is recovered from his injury and able to bowl on consecutive days.

I do like the idea of there being a firmer connection between counties and clubs, it's something I just get the gut feeling has been neglecting in favour of more and more county games and net sessions.

I suspect the bowling line-up will be Hoggy, Harmison, Sidebottom and Panesar for the next Test. Collingwood and Vaughan can turn their arms as needed, so we don't need a five man attack, and much of the Windies batsmen have shown themselves to be troubled by first Panesar and now Sidebottom. Having said that, the weather may effect things - dry conditions, unconducive to swing, may make picking two wayward quicks desirable.

Looks like I spoke too soon, Hoggard has put his comeback back.

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