Monday, May 28

West Indies at a new low

It seems a lot longer ago than earlier this decade that England viewed a victory over the West Indies as a great achievement rather than something expected.

I remember the deadly efficiency of the old Windies bowlers, which, coupled with the experienced and aggressive batting, doomed England to defeat after defeat until recently. How things have changed - I find myself willing the West Indies to put up some form of fight.

Not that some of the winning England team can be confident of their place. Judging by Michael Vaughan's comments after the match, and echoed by a number of commentators such as the BBC's Jonathan Agnew, Sidebottom surely must be playing in the next match - and even if Hoggard is ready to return, then there is certainly no problem in having two reliable swing bowlers in the side in what are likely to be swinging conditions, unless you're an erratic quick. In this case, I suspect Liam Plunkett will be the one to lose his place, particularly with many commentators saying he should get more time on the county circuit.

Among the batsmen, Andrew Strauss looks under most pressure.

Along with the West Indies, the real big losers in this match were the armchair pundits criticising Michael Vaughan's recall. Form is temporary - class is permanent. Against the current West Indies team, Vaughan's class will carry him through.


Knuppy said...

Hi, my name is Knuppy. I found your blog and thought I'd leave ys s comment. Let me guess, YOU LIKE HISTORY?!?!?!

AverageEarthman said...

Like history, hate multiple punctuation marks (note that an ellipsis counts as one).