Tuesday, May 15

Smokin' Jazz

The BBC News has an article lamenting the end of smoky music joints. Or not:
It was horrible. What's really surprising was that no-one questioned it then.

-- Leo Green

Having to endure stinking toxic fumes and the band struggling for breath just because a third of the audience have an addiction seems pretty stupid now. It'll also be nice to only need a shower on leaving a gig because you've got sweaty dancing rather than being smoked out.

Others complain that music venues are

places to get away from work and not to be nagged like naughty children.

But they'll already consider throwing someone out if they are fighting, or shouting loudly - it affects others appreciation of the music (and the smokers are in the minority, so complaining being deprived of your fix isn't much cop). You shouldn't have to be lectured to to avoid being inconsiderate of others.

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