Tuesday, August 14

I don't suspect we're looking at a master criminal here

I've been hobbling for a week on account of my managing to sprain my ankle while going downstairs (I say going, I was hurrying downstairs, which in my case tends to be in the form of a controlled plummet, although in this case it became uncontrolled). Since I was in no state to cycle home or recover my bike it was left locked up at work over the weekend.

Someone tried to steal the back wheel. They unhooked the v-brakes, loosened off the quick release hub, and pulled the wheel from its position. At that point, I can only surmise, one of two things must have happened. Possibly they were disturbed, and legged it. Alternatively, they may have at that point noticed some resistance by the wheel to being removed. Perhaps they then decided to look for a reason for this perplexing phenomena, after all they had removed the two standard impediments to removing a wheel - could the presence of a great big solid D-lock connecting the wheel to the frame and the bicycle rack be some cause for this resistance?

The meaning of the phrase "thick as thieves" isn't meant to be a comment on their intellectual capabilities, but perhaps it should be.

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