Monday, August 27

What goes on in the minds of TV schedulers

So, a bank holiday weekend. For the TV scheduler, this may be the chance to put on some popular films. Which they have. On the Monday evening.

Channel 5 have it nearly right, the film finishing at 11 (still later than I'd go to bed on a Sunday). BBC One, however, have decided to have their film start at 10:25.

Um. Why would you put on a possibly popular film at 10:25 on the Monday evening? We've got work the next day. Well, I have, maybe TV schedulers don't get out of bed until midday. Why not put it on the Sunday instead? We can have a lie-in on Monday if we want it.

I really must get around to getting a PVR, so I'm no longer a victim to the bizarre whims of TV schedulers - and also would have something to watch while I'm cooking/eating, rather than the mindless drivel they put on at tea-time.

Anyway, a better use for a Bank Holiday monday is to get out the house. I only really turned on the computer to find the cycle route map.

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