Friday, October 12

BBC - I'll have my say, then.

As I said, Gore's award will set the cat amongst the pigeons. And blimey, but the BBC's willingness to let any drivelling deranged wittering have the same level of authority as someone who has spent time looking at a subject is really getting on my nerves. If you want to listen to someone spouting off incompetently about a subject of which they know very little, you can go on the web and find any number of blogs. I'd like to think when I'm sat listening to a national broadcaster that they will have bothered to find people who have spent the time developing a logical and coherent argument, even if they disagree (which admittedly makes good telly), rather than allowing any Tom Dick and Jeremy Clarkson to declare whatever they feel is true. They're not even trying! They just don't like the idea that global warming is happening, so they've decided it's not true! (I should note, if I ever use exclamation marks it's because I'm really getting annoyed/excited).

Oh, and Mark Thompson should be sacked. Immediately. Just because I don't like him. No, don't need to say why, people who spout of on his channels apparently don't have to explain their decisions either.

The way the BBC should be engaging with the public is in producing great television, which apparently they are still willing to do, not letting the public play in front of the idiot box for a bit.

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