Monday, October 1

Zimbabwe has no bread

Once the breadbasket of Africa, now not a loaf available in the country. .

Mugabe continues to blame the British for this. The British point out that the UN and EU sanctions are aimed at individual officials, not the country. The IMF says it won't deal with Zimbabwe until Harare adopts financial policies that are rooted in reality.

Even the Zimbabwean agricultural minister has had to admit that their new farmers were "failures".

Well, what a surprise. For starters, they weren't farmers. If they'd been handing the white-owned farms over to the black farm workers, they might have stood a chance. But instead you get the distinct impression that agricultural competence was not a factor and party affiliation was.

All particularly pathetic when you consider that Mugabe had claimed his redistribution policy would boost production.

His latest policy - all companies have to have at least 51% of their equity owned by black Zimbabweans. *Government approved* black Zimbabweans. i.e. - Mugabe's supporters. He's like a pilot who is more interested in ensuring that only he has access to the cockpit than he is in stopping the plane tumbling out of the sky.

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