Wednesday, December 20

Back to humbug

I really feel sorry for my family this Christmas. I'm in such a rotten mood this week. Horrible, dark weather, a twisted ankle, a flat tyre, and friends all heading off separately in different groups to pubs (I guess - not invited) means that I'm sat at home already, having had to get a taxi back. Yes, I'm a miserable sod (hence the lack of invite to the pub, probably), but this *really* isn't helping.

Hopefully, once the ankle gets a bit better I'll be able to get a good nights sleep, so being rested and getting some caffeine down me should make me more tolerable in the evenings.

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AverageEarthman said...

Should say I don't *normally* make Eeyore look like Tigger of an evening. Just a combination of things makes me very grumpy occasionally (normally lack of sleep). Socialising normally cheers me up, as long as I can actually talk to people (preferably intelligent, funny and female)