Monday, December 18

Humbug I say.

Today I'm in an incredibly foul mood. Not sure exactly though, and I don't really have an excuse for being so, it's just that sometimes I become very frustrated by everything, and I'm at my most selfish when I'm being miserable.

It's not the cricket - as an England fan I've had years to get used to them being crap, so I don't think they're being crap is the problem, even though they weren't last year.

It's not *really* work either, even though I'm currently re-writing a paper I should have submitted a year ago. At least. I did the work two years ago. I've got comments in the paper from one co-author that could have been added in a revision he saw at least a year ago. I'm utterly sick of the damn thing. So sick I'm faffing on here rather than actually doing it.

Maybe it's Christmas - yes, I hated the shopping, I hate the fact that I've still got to wrap the presents, that I haven't written any cards, that's it all feels like an obligation rather than something I'm doing because I want to, and the standard fall-out of emotions from Christmas parties (like many single blokes at this time of year, after parties I either find myself regretting something I did do or end up regretting something you didn't - being the more well-behaved/shy sort, it's normally the latter for me) it all adds up to a state of mind where my normal Eeyore-like mood now makes Scrooge look like Santa Claus.

Still, I've had worse. Maybe it's because the last two years have been clearly worse, I've been able to make myself make the effort to actually cheer up. Now it's not really that bad, I can't force myself to lift my spirits, because I don't really need to.

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