Tuesday, December 19

I can be rude about these people, as they can't read this anyway.

Just read something on the BBC about some report (standard LOOK AT ME!!! report chucked out by a pressure group to get attention from the press and bloggers, which I'm now giving them, not that anyone reads this anyway) which claims that those tackling Robbie Williams "Angels" at karaoke need to have reading skills the equivalent of 5 GCSEs.

That's got to be the harshest criticism of GCSEs I've seen all year. Except they also claim 17.8 million adults in the UK are such poor readers they couldn't manage it.

I have to wonder, what are the words these people are struggling with? Are they all there, singing "I'm loving angles" at the top of their voices? Or is it the couple of three syllable words in there somewhere that so thoroughly discombobulates them? I'm sure Mr Williams would be anaspeptic, frasmotic, even compunctuous to have caused them such pericumbobulation. As am I if they are trying to read this.

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