Tuesday, December 19


Twisted my ankle yesterday while training yesterday (nothing like the competitive spirit to make some people push themselves so hard they keep injuring themselves). Coach did check up with me this morning to see how I was, which was nice (nobody else did, possibly because I'm such a nut I got on my bike and cycled home, so they probably thought I was fine already, rather than just stupid)

Oddly enough, now I've actually got something to be annoyed about, I've cheered up.

Anyway, only three working days before Christmas, I have one report and one paper to submit, and a large volume of concrete to check up on. Everyone else seems to have gone on holiday already (people seem to think University staff slack off over summer - it's December we seem to slack off in here).

On the plus side, being quiet means it isn't a problem if I start singing along to music. Have I said what a good music label Bella Union is? If not - they're great, check them out. Especially Midlake. Fionn Regan is touring in the UK at the moment as well, he's good live.

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