Sunday, December 24


Once again, the creationist lobby are trying to give the impression that science is divided, this time in the letters pages of the Grauniad.

The thing is, the ability of a couple of people to hold down jobs in mechanical engineering departments at British Universities while simultaneously being incapable of comprehending the concept of entropy doesn't mean science is divided. It means some people are capable of doing engineering while deluding themselves.

In truth, thanks to the continued output of energy from the sun, complex organisms have no harder a job of evolving in the face of entropy than a surfer has in riding his surfboard towards the shore, despite the surfboard having no engine or sail. But these creationists are like someone standing on a beach and insisting to a surfer that he couldn't *possibly* have pulled off any stunts at all, as his surfboard hasn't got an outboard motor on it, and so he *must* have been lying on it and paddling all along.

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