Wednesday, January 3

5th Test, day two

I suppose an England batting collapse was just inevitable, really. Read got a mere two, so no abatement in slowly increasing viewing of Davis as the new wicketkeeper-batsman messiah. England bowlers haven't done too badly, so the Aussies are only just ahead, albeit with Hussey and only-good-against-England Symonds at the crease. So, is this going to be a slow death for England, a huge Aussie first innings lead (Hussey 200 not out, Aussie declaration...) followed by an England collapse, or dare I hope for an echo of 2005 with England just edging it?

Still wonder what Mahmood is meant to be in the team for. Doesn't do that much with the bat (a first ball duck today), and they don't appear to be letting him bowl that much - four overs out of 55 today, and I wouldn't be completely surprised if Petersen ends up bowling more overs than he does.

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