Wednesday, January 3

Car ads

Lunch time ramblings (I had breakfast too early, so it's lunchtime now). About the only time of year I'm really exposed to adverts is over the holiday period, where someone else may have the control and not hit mute the moment someone interrupts to try to sell me something.

So I noticed the ads. Car ads in particular (I'm thinking of giving up and getting one). Where once upon a time they may try and show you something of the car - its performance, reliability, whatever - now they seem to be making it up in a lifestyle sense. One car goes through Busby Berkeley style somersaults, leaping hundreds of feet in the air and driving on serenely. Another makes a metallic transformation into giant robotic spiders, big cats, crocodiles, snakes. Both resorting to ludicrously implausible CGI animations to try to give a lifestyle message - this little car is fun, this big SUV is unstoppable.

Oh well, at least it's better than the car advert which has a truly terrible cover version of Dylan's "A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall". How much did they pay him for that? Or is it perhaps Bob thinking "you say I can't sing? They won't after they've heard this..." Unfortunately, they don't put up the name of the car until the end, so I've no idea which brand I need to avoid FOR ALL ETERNITY.

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