Saturday, January 20

Reasons to be cheerful

OK, so you get the drongo Aussies rubbishing the English for a fundamental lack of ability of our cricket team, as if 2005 never happened (I actually can stand losing to Americans more than I can Australians, because the Yanks all jump around yelling "woohoo! Number one! We're the Greatest!" etc, which at least indicates they believe they needed some talent to beat you, some Australians (note the some) have the immediate response to their rivals of "you're shit, mate!", which they seem to take beyond the "haha we beat you" response of many sports fans.

Possibly this is because the Yanks fundamentally believe they have no reason for lack of self confidence whatsoever, while some Aussies *still* manage to have an inferiority complex about the British (such as how they haven't even managed to work out how to take the Union Jack of their flag, something the Canadians did ages ago). It's always the men as well - I've never come across an Australian woman who showed any signs of it.

Anyway, reasons to be cheerful if you're English -
1. Three blokes from Gloucestershire have just reached the Pole of Inaccessibility. Yes, no point on the globe is further away from an Aussie telling you your cricket team is crap.
2. OK, Britain is being rather windy at the moment, but Australia is on fire and full of deadly snakes. A large tree branch hitting you across the chops at 70mph isn't nice, but is it really worse than being bitten by a poisonous snake while burning to death?

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