Tuesday, January 2

Thieving Gets

The problem with being a member of a sports club is they're such targets for thieving scumbags, not all of whom look like central casting's idea of a thieving scumbag. This time I lost my jacket with house keys in (fortunately he was scared off by someone else coming in to the changing rooms before he got down to my wallet).

Why he took my top, I don't know - it needed a wash (I'd cycled in wearing it. It really needed a wash). Apparently he abandoned it shortly after, as a punter at an evening do at the club said he'd seen it earlier that day. Pity the punter didn't pick it up, as by the time I heard where it had been seen it wasn't there any more, and hasn't been handed in to the police either.

So, that's 60 quid for a new jacket, and 150 to change the locks. And the git got away with about 7 quids worth of Euros. If I ever catch him in the club again, he'll have to run very fast. If I'm really lucky, I'll scare him into trying to run away so fast he ends up falling down the stairs (you see, I'm law abiding. I don't want to push him down the stairs, but I'm still human so I'd like to see him fall down the stairs.)

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